Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Five Month Birthday Little Graham!

This month has been SO fun! We actually love our five month old MORE than our newborn baby that we brought home from the birthing center (even though we couldn't imagine ever loving him more that that moment).

Little g is growing so much... I swear he's a big as a toddler. On Thursday, we have another doctor's appointment for shots only... so they'll update us on length and weight.

We've also created some pretty bad habits with our little one and luckily realized it. One bad habit was that he was napping when and where he wanted... mainly the bouncy chair and the swing OR by some family members holding him. BAD HABIT... he needed to be able to lay down at certain intervals during the day in a bed or crib. Right now he is sleeping peacefully in a bed next to me and I actually think he likes it more than sleeping sitting up.

We have started more of an earlier routine with him at night. Starting everything around 7:45-8pm... this get's him in bed by 9pm and gives us some much needed alone time.

For more updates, as well as our schedule, see below:
  • Little g has been quite sick this month with a horrible cough and ear infection... after waiting 10 days we went back to the pedi to get on antibiotics... so sad. I hated them BUT no more cough and he is back to his old self.
  • He found his feet about 5 days ago and it's adorable. It's one of those moments that reminds me how little he actually is.

  • Graham loves tummy time and can actually spin around on his tummy. He can do a complete 360 and move to better see things... it's really neat.
  • He's grabbing everything he can find and he can also bend over to pick up items that are on the ground, if he's standing with us holding his arms. 
  • He can roll from his front to back and from his back to his front.
  • We've tried various foods this month including squash (loved), peas (didn't love), apples and carrots; oh, and rice cereal, of course. 
  • We also switched to.... dum-da-dum-dum DISPOSABLE DIAPERS... ahhhh. They are the Earth's Best brand and they don't have as many chemicals. It was a tough decision but its much better.
  • For more horrible news, Graham had his first bottle of formula. We ran out of breast milk and I had to go to work. We are not switching him over yet but will have to in a few short months because I am going on a girls retreat.
  • He sounds like a little-girl sometimes when he gets excited and lets out a squeal. 
 Our Schedule:
7:00-8:00am - Wake-up - get Graham from crib
8:00-8:20am - Eat in our bed
8:20-9:30am - Play-time in bed
9:30-11:00am - Nap time
11:00-11:20am - Eat
11:20-2:00pm - Get ready for the day and play around the house - Try some baby food
2:00-2:20pm - Eat
2:20-4:30pm - Nap time
4:30-5:00pm - Play-time
5:00-5:20pm - Eat
5:20-8:00pm - Playtime, maybe a small nap in between - if needed
8:00pm - Rice Cereal then Nurse (Eat) before bath
8:15-8:40pm - Bath time
8:40-9:00pm - Eat again
9:00-1:30am - Sleep
1:30-1:45am - EAT... ugh...
1:45-4:00am - Sleep
4:00 - 4:15am - Eat (Daddy has started helping with this one and I am so thankful)
4:15-8:00am - Sleep

We've been told time and time again that as soon as we get used to a schedule, it'll change. WE KNOW, WE KNOW... haha... so, that is why we are documenting this for our little guy and to remember forever!

Last thought: It's amazing that every love song applies to our love for our son!