Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sickly Me?!

So... for the past three days I've been feeling not so great. I've got the sniffles followed by the "runny-one-second...plugged-up-another", scratchy/sore throat, head congestion, no fever but I just don't like feeling this way! I know I SHOULD go to the doctor but what can he give me that won't affect Little Graham?! I was hoping that yesterday was the peak of this and that I would start feeling better today but no progress... I'm so sad because I never get sick.

On a more humorous note -- Little Graham was really moving and kicking up a storm yesterday after we had dinner. Big Graham went over to talk to my belly and he laid his head down and Little G kicked him so hard -- in the face! It was so funny and Graham was amazed at the feeling of our baby swish-swoshin' in there.

Lastly, we had another Midwife appointment on Monday and things are looking great. He's growing exactly where he should be and his heart is very strong. I can't believe that we only have 1 month and 1 week until we're in our 3rd trimester. Graham and I can't wait to meet him!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Product Review: "Waiting for Baby: A Pregnancy Memory Album"

As soon as I found out we were pregnant (the next day... with Sybil) I went to my closest Barnes and Noble and bought two books. The first one was, of course, "What to Expect When Expecting" the second was "Waiting for Baby, A Pregnancy Memory Album". I really wanted to purchase an album that was beautiful, would stand the test of time and that would have preemptive questions that we could answer about different things. At Barnes & Noble I stood there contemplating my decision on which Memory Album to buy. The other ones looked flimsy but the Waiting for Baby Album was beautiful and a little expensive at $19.99. I was, however, a little unsure of the questions it would as me because it had wrapping around it, so I couldn't look though it before purchasing. Never the less, I took my two books home with me that day!

The Waiting for Baby Album is actually really beautiful. I am very happy with the cover however I did expect the paper area around the yellow cloth to be removable but it's not. Also, the bind on the book will stand the test of time.

While I think that the book and the longevity are great I do have a few issues. First, the preemptive questions are pretty great the contents are seperated in to:
1. Mother-to-be
2. Important matters
3. Body and mind
4. Preparations
5. Journal
6. Sentiments
7. Celebrations
8. Birth Story
9. The first days

However... the space to reply to the suggested topics is very small. Four lines on each topic isn't much, at least not for me. Second, in the first chapter it asks questions on family and provides a tree but I wish they would have provided a "Father-to-be" section as well; there is no room for my husbands family or for my husband to fill out any of the questions. I wanted the book to be about our pregnancy and it isn't... it's about my pregnancy and my family, how I'm feeling, what I'm nervous about. I'm trying to include Graham and his family in as much as possible but with only four lines, its difficult.

Overall Product Rating: B+
I would still suggest it to a friend, if she wasn't a large writer or one that would write a lot; one that would want the Album to be just about herself during this time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Movement & Other General Ramblings...

Oh my dearest Graham... I'm glad that everyone else finds his stories so amusing (generally at my expense). But yes, we have officially felt our little guy move! My midwife said that it would be something that got my attention and make me sit up a little straighter, but it wasn't quite like that for me. It was more of... "I think that WASN'T gas". Haha... it was right under my belly button and it just felt like bubbles bursting or a flutter. That was about two weeks ago (time flies lately) and since them I can totally tell when the little guy moves now. Some times it feels like he's purposely punching or kicking me. But, I treasure it each time. It mainly happens at about 9am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm and then a lot in the evening. I can't wait to feel him have the hiccups... when does that happen?!

Other than that things have been good. I'm totally not sleepy anymore and I'm getting tons accomplished. My back and the back of my hips used to kill me but with great stretching techniques from my Prenatal Yoga instructor, those have passed. I'm having trouble sleeping now (which makes me want to cry) because I'm not used to sleeping on my sides and so I'll wake up in the middle of the night with either my hips or ears throbbing. It's horrible... and now there's this awesomeness of feeling like I can't breathe. Just walking upstairs I get out of breath. It's kinda scary but it helps to drink ice-cold water and to take deep breaths.

I can't wait for this evening because Graham's Grandmom is flying in from Arkansas and she hasn't see us in a while! I wonder if she'll think we're huge or too little. I love those people that think we're SO huge we're having twins (I wish) and then there's the other people who say "I look more pregnant than you do and I'm not even pregnant". To those people, I just smile and say "You shouldn't talk about your self that way." It has been a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE blessing to take Prenatal Yoga classes because I can compare myself to the other women who are my exact size and my exact weeks along... (note to self: you are normal! Whew).

Then tomorrow Grandmom, Graham's mom and I are going to order the custom baby bedding shown on the blog below. We may change a few things because Graham would like to incorporate dots or circles in the fabric, as well.

Then next Tuesday we get to see my sister and niece and nephews and we haven't seen them since we told them we're expecting! I can't wait for everyone to see how big we've gotten (even though I know we still have a long way to go).

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grahams Thoughts: Issue 3

It has been a while since I have written anything so I thought I would write a about a few more experiences. Sara has been saying she can feel him moving and she gets so excited. The other day day when he was awake and practicing his UFC moves on her uterus I put my hand on her tummy and ZZAAAPPPP!!! I swear it felt like someone shocked my finger. I think it was actually my excitement radiating into the tip of my finger as he pushed right on my finger. I yelled....I scared Sara...and then I ran around in circles. I guess it really helped bring it into reality. We laughed very hard about me scaring her and I tried to explain what I felt but she was still startled. I have felt him move a couple times since then and it is so freakin cool. Sometimes I get excited about feeling movement...and come to find out...its GAS...WHO KNEW???!! and WHY doesn't the freaking book I am reading tell me anything about the Butt Trumpet...hehe its not that bad!
I just can not wait till he is here. I know I know...everyone says enjoy these last couple of quiet months but I am ready for him to get here.