Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A First: We LAUGHED!

Yesterday evening I left Daddy and Little Graham at home while I attended an AACWP meeting. My heart is always broken anytime I am away from my guys. When I got back home we brought Graham in to our room and were just hanging out at a family. We took his feet out side of his onesie and were tickling him when he let out a huge laugh! It was a total open mouth, belly roll, see-all-of-my-gums type of chuckle! So adorable...

Then when I woke up this morning Little Graham was already awake and was grunting to let me know it. When I got up and he focused on me... he gave me the largest, "there you are mommy" face... like he was so excited that I was up and that it was play-time.

For more updates, our schedule is starting to settle in at night. He is awake from about 4-6ish and then eats again at 9pm. Then he sleeps for about 5 hours straight, nurses at 2am, sleeps until 6am, nurses again, then wakes up at 9am. When he wakes up at 9am, he's normally not hungry until 10am... so we get to PLAY. This is my favorite part of the day. I wake up ... I pick up Little Graham from his bassinet and he's so happy and energized. We sing, tickle and babble at each other. It's so much fun!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A First: We ROLLED around!

I was just sitting here posting about our Materna-Tea and Daddy and Little Graham were spending some time doing tummy time together! Little Graham is doing SO great holding his head up and all of a sudden he rolled over!!!!!  YEA to our awesome little guy... so neat.


Today Little Graham and I took a trip to our Birthing Center to attend at Materna-Tea (an afternoon tea). The attendees were all of the women that had given labor in the month of December. The women one by one went around the room sharing their own birth story. It was so neat hearing everyone's unique and different birth experience. It's kinda like weddings... no two is ever the same and that's what's so fun about it (not that labor is as fun!).

At the end of everyone's birth stories we undressed our babies and put them on the floor in a circle of babies. It is so neat seeing the difference in all of the babies and I will treasure these pictures forever! No matter how painful it was... it's neat being a part of something like this. All of the women who were like-minded and the result of their hard work!

The bed little Graham was born in (with his little friend)! 
One of our friends and her son from our Bradley classes! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Language

 Our Little Christmas Moose!

We have interpreted the following baby talk/cries to mean the following:

Oua: Sleepy

Gee: Hungry

Okay: Somethings wrong/gassy/uncomfortable

Can't wait to hear more of him trying to communicate with us! It's so awesome.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday, Little Graham!

Photo Credit: Nat's Photography

We are so loving being Little g's parents! Everyday he truly changes and we are trying to just stop and enjoy this precious time with him. It is absolutely amazing that he is already one month old. Here are some fascinating facts about his progress (yes, we are NEW parents and think everyone is as fascinated about our son as we are).  

1. He currently weighs in at 10.6lbs according to Baby Stats in our Wii Fit Plus.. haha.
2. He is holding his head up for quite a long period of time now... he enjoys about 10 minutes of tummy-time a day.
3. He is starting to be awake longer - after each feeding - for about an hour. We love this play time with him and he enjoys songs such as "I'm a Little Teapot," "Patty-Cakes" and "Itsy-Bitsy Spider".
4. He is nursing about every three hours but for 25 minutes at a time (instead of the 40+ as a new-newborn) and we are a happy-nursing couple together! I love spending this time with him.
5. We gave in and introduced an infant pacifier at 2 weeks -- we have had no problems with nipple-confusion - it helps with soothing during sleepy-time. Although sometimes it's falls out and re-wakes him back up... overall it's awesome not being his soothing tool all of the time.
6. We introduced his very-first bottle the other day (of mommy-milk). After instruction from our lactation-consultant we decided the best time to do this was 3 1/2 weeks. After pumping once, I had enough milk (5oz.) for his first bottle with Daddy! At first he was confused as to why Daddy had the milk but he quickly got it and they enjoy this time every morning at 7am (and I get to sleep in)!
7. He smiles when he finishes nursing and in his sleep. We can't get him to smile, so I guess he's still doing it uncontrollably -- but we think it's overly sweet.
8. He has some congestion (I can't wait until this cold weather is gone) so we're doing the nose aspirator, saline drops, humidifier and he's sleeping in his bouncy chair in his bassinet. What a pain... 
9. He is all BOY! He grunts and makes noise all of the time (even in his sleep). We heard this is because he is a boy and that girls are much quieter.
10. He is now super-grabby on everything. He grabs a hold of diapers when we change him (what a mess), our shirts, necklaces, hair, etc. It's so neat how much he has changed in such a short period of time!
11. His eyes follow us when we walk in front of him. This is really neat... he's also starting to move his head to see us when we talk to him.

Month one... CHECK! We think being parents isn't as hard as everyone says. But, since Graham and I are both the babies of our families... it's hard making our own decisions and not having some one tell us what we should do. Luckly, we told Little g that we're both new at this... so he takes it a little easier on us.