Friday, January 8, 2010


Today Little Graham and I took a trip to our Birthing Center to attend at Materna-Tea (an afternoon tea). The attendees were all of the women that had given labor in the month of December. The women one by one went around the room sharing their own birth story. It was so neat hearing everyone's unique and different birth experience. It's kinda like weddings... no two is ever the same and that's what's so fun about it (not that labor is as fun!).

At the end of everyone's birth stories we undressed our babies and put them on the floor in a circle of babies. It is so neat seeing the difference in all of the babies and I will treasure these pictures forever! No matter how painful it was... it's neat being a part of something like this. All of the women who were like-minded and the result of their hard work!

The bed little Graham was born in (with his little friend)! 
One of our friends and her son from our Bradley classes! 

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