Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Little Graham!

I know I say this every single month... but c'mon, SEVEN months already?! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday you were reading our birth story or even following along with out pregnancy?

He has been doing so great this month. Here is the newest exciting things little g can accomplish:

  1. He is CRAWLING everywhere!!! He will even follow us from room to room -- this is the most excitement we've had in a while. We are so proud little g.
  2. He can now pull himself up. I had no idea this happened right after crawling, otherwise we would have stalled the crawling. It's scary sometimes but he's tough and doesn't even cry when he falls.
  3. Because he can pull himself up… we had to move his crib down to the lowest level (sound of my heart breaking). I can’t believe he is growing up so quick.
  4. Sitting up from crawling or tummy time is NO problem now.
  5. He had his first bath alone and in a big bath tub… this was at the beginning of this month and he has been doing great all month long.
    His first bath!!! 

    "Happy As A Clam" - as my Dad "Grandpa" says.

  6. He can squeal louder than ever and does this to get people’s attention
  7. Once he has someone’s attention he can now WAVE! It’s a one hand up in the air type of way (more like he’s saying “HOW” like an Indian).
  8. He is feeding himself now… he loves the fruit stars and the veggie sticks. We also love to give him long pieces of celery and he chomps forever.
  9. His two front teeth are now actually visible when he smiles.
  10. We went on his first big trip to California (more on that later). He rode on a airplane for the first time.
    Helping us pack for our trip...

  11. He is effectively switching things from hand to hand and is a pro about picking things up with one hand.
  12. Graham is learning to combine toys to make louder noises. He loves to bang his remote on other toys… he will bang on the piano, then on the pin ball machine, then crawl to the ball and bang it on that… this is so FUN! Sometimes he bangs himself in the head (only about 50% of the time does he cry though!).
  13. Graham knows his name now and will answer to it!!  This is especially helpful with crawling while he's getting in to something. 
  14. We are just amazed at how he can already communicate with us. He can lean when he wants us to go some where and hold out his hand if he wants to touch something. He body language is coming in loud and clear as well... we love that he's starting to 'talk' to us.
  15. And finally, he weighs 20 pounds and is 29 inches long. He's absolutely the size of a one-year-old!
His schedule is a little messed up from California but from what I can remember before we went it was a little something like this:

5:00 or 6:00am - Eat and then back to sleep
7:30 or 8:00am - Wake up, Eat, Play in our big bed
8:30am - Eat in high chair while Mommy eats breakfast
9:00am - Playtime
9:30am - Morning Nap
10:30am - Eat and Play
12:00pm - Eat in high chair while Mommy eats lunch
12:30pm - Early-Afternoon Nap
1:30pm - Eat and Play
4:00pm - Late-Afternoon Nap
5:00pm - Eat and Play
8:00pm - Bedtime Ritual

**Little g still likes taking 3 naps... it has been helpful to keep him awake for a long period in the evening before bed... this helps all of us get some rest!

What does the seventh month have in store for us?!
Dogs "helping" with first bath...