Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big G's edition numero uno

My first bout with Aunt Sybil!!!

So it has been quite some time since I have written a blog but the little g (a.k.a wild man/crazy boy). He has been keeping me super busy and worn out at times!!! I can not believe it has been 8 months (8 3/4's months really) already.... since we missed out on last month here are new things he can do for the month of seven. I always heard that time will fly by but never believed it until now. We were pregnant, I blinked and slept once and he is now a big boy. Here are some of his accomplishments so far

1) "da da"...absolutely melts my heart. He'll just be laying in his crib or playing with a random toy saying da da over and over and over...I love it. The hardest thing though is when we lay him down for a nap and he cries and says hard not to go grab him!

2) Climbing the stairs...I guess the 1st place he started doing this was at Uncle Matt's and Aunt Cheri's house. He is really great at it but we have to crawl up behind him because he tries to sit down sometimes and doesn't realize how far he will actually fall down them. We have a gate at the top and the bottom of our stairs to keep him from going up them too far without our help but of course he likes to grab a hold of the gate...stand up..shake the gate..and SCREAM!!!


3) Speaking of screaming... our little guy likes to be heard. He is the most talkative and yelling baby I've ever met (I love it when people call him "vivacious"). He is absolutely the loudest in our playgroup!

4) He helps us with the bath. He will crawl in there and grab on and stand up while we are starting the bath process. Once again, he we yell as to say "hurry, hurry, start the water" or "can you make it go faster". He loves bathtime.

5) We bought him a cheap, plastic swimming pool for under our pergola... he loves the water. {AND it wears him out}.

6) He has a passion for learning about how things work and cause and effect... it's SO neat. He almost wants to take things a part to see how they work. I'm like most mothers and think he's a genius.

7) He prefers to play with older kids than babies his own age.

8) Little g is such a happy baby. I think this is because we don't pressure him to "learn" right now, we're simply enjoying him being a baby; we never have the t.v. on; we're always crawling around and playing with him. We build forts and tunnels and he loves it. Sometimes he enjoys quiet time and we let him play by himself but overall we know how precious this time is. We're always on the ground with him... we love having an excuse to be little again. Plus, it gives us time to talk and play together too! He loves it when we say "I'm gonna get you...." and then chase after him... then he'll do it right back. He's learning from playing with us and he has the rest of his life to learn something. I think this should be 101 Parenting... PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN AND TURN OFF THE TV.

We don't know his weight as this is the only month our little guy get's "off the hook" for our alternative-vaccines. We'll post soon though. He's getting longer and skinner as the days go by... less like an oompa loompa.

His schedule is now, and has been:

4:00am - Nurse then back to sleep.
7:30am - Wakeup, Nurse, Play in Bed
8:00am - Make Breakfast while he plays in the living room - then eat outside on our NEW pergola
8:45am - Play in living room or upstairs play room
9:45am - Nap Routine: Change diaper, close window, nurse
10:00am - Nap
12:00pm - Nurse, then he'll play as I get lunch ready
12:30pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Play around the house until afternoon nap
3:00pm - Nurse then Nap
5:00pm - Wake up and play with Daddy (he get's home about 3:30pm)
6:30pm - Dinner then play
8:00pm - Bedtime Routine: Rice cereal, help with bath, play in guest room as we get dried off {a.k.a "dangerous-no-diaper-time"}, say goodnight around the house to random objects and things, diaper, kisses, nurse, bed.
8:30pm - Asleep

So, now you only have to wait a week or so for how much he's changed this past month and his weight and height... we can't wait!