Monday, February 22, 2010

A First: We GIGLED!

Ok, so oops... there's been an error... I titled one post, "A First: We LAUGHED" but I meant "A First: We SMILED."

Little g has been smiling for a while now but now he will let out a huge rolling laugh! He even laughs when you tickle him... before he would just squirm and now it's like he get's what being tickled is all about. He may have even chuckled in the past... but NOW he absolutely, positively, throws his head back and lets out a huge laugh.

It's pretty cutey-pa-tootie!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.11.10 - SNOW ((again))!

This last snow set a new record for North Texas; I only wish our little guy would appreciate it. I'm so over the snow this year and I am ready for little g to feel the soft, green grass under his feet for the first time! We had a great time playing in the snow over at Uncle Matt & Aunt Cheri's. Little g holds his breath when the cold air hits his face... but he's adorable in his snow suit. The next day we went over to Grammy & Pop's and Mommy & Daddy got to play in it together. We hooked the boogie board up to the riding lawn mower and pulled each other though snow, mush and mud! So fun!!!!
Our little snow angel... he didn't like the snow falling in his face! 

1.21.10 - Our First Hike!

Snug as a Bug!

On January 21st temps got up to the upper 60's so we took the day off together and went for our first hike at Eagle Mountain Park & Reserve. We got the stroller ready and packed a picnic and were on our way! We picked a trail that was a loop, easy right?! NO... it ended up being 6 miles of hills and drop-offs. Shouldn't trails be marked with a difficulty level?

We set our camera up on a rock!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A First: We SLEPT through the night!

Yes, yes... you read correctly! Little Graham slept through the night for the first time last night. We were amazed. He officially slept from 10:30pm (after his last nursing) to 8:00am!!!

I woke up a few times and carefully listened to the monitor (Graham has been sleeping in his own room since Monday, 02.08)... I could still hear him breathing so I went back to sleep. When I woke up and realized the sun was up I kinda freaked out and went in his room to find him starting to stir. Man Oh Man was he a happy, restful baby and I was a FULL mommy!

He had a full day yesterday at Grammy & Pop's and the whole family came over. Big Graham and I played in the snow until we were exhausted and Little Graham stayed inside and was nice and warm with Grammy! We had dinner with everyone, came home, nursed some more, played, took a LONG bath, got a baby-massage and then got swaddled and ready for bed. I don't know what we did but I think the bath-time helped to relax him!

We know that we are SO blessed to have such an amazing baby. I don't officially call anything a "routine" until it lasts for a week straight... so we'll see if this was a one-time occurrence or if it lasts.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Two Month Birthday, Little Graham!

Just some updates from our last month together....
  1. Graham is growing by leaps and bounds... he's officially 23 inches long and 13.8 pounds, as we found out today from his pediatrician appointment. He's in the 90th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height. We all have a laugh when the pediatrician said that he's bigger around than he is tall (he was joking of course) but it made me think of my little one as a ball... or an umpa lompa. (Percentiles mean that out of 100 babies... only 10 would be bigger than little g and 90 would be smaller than little g.) His head is 16 inches... which is normal as the 50th percentile. We're not worried about his size... BOTH Big G and I were chunks too... and as soon as we started crawling we worked all of it off. The pediatrician is not worried either, of course.
  2. He had his first round of immunizations today. We are so lucky to have found Dr. McGehee who believes in an alternative-vaccine schedule. Graham got the Biphtheria, Tetanus & Pertusis (DTaP) and Rotavirus vaccines. He got the Rotavirus first which was a simple-syrup that he could drink. The second was a spring loaded shot that was given to him in his thigh. I think the shot just shocked him.. he let out a small scream but didn't cry or anything... we all were impressed by how tough he is.
  3. He can now turn over both ways by either leaning to the left or the right and with or without putting a rolled up blanket under him.
  4. We bought him a play mat and he loves laying on his back looking at all the fun patterns. 
  5. Tummy-time has always been a favorite and he's holding his head up for longer than ever now... he's even starting to sit up by himself. We're a little cautious about this though... it's a long way to fall over for a little guy.
  6. TMI: The poopy diapers have, luckily, slowed way down. Now, he only has one HUGE blowout every two/three days. I seem to be getting the majority of these and Big G doesn't.
  7. Big G and I got to enjoy a night out this month and Aunt Cheri & Uncle Matt got to enjoy him for a little while. We went over to a friends house for a potluck dinner... unfortunately for Cheri & Matt this was a blowout night!
  8. He's stayed with a stranger twice now when I do my mommy yoga. My yoga teacher offers yoga in her home while her nanny watches all the little ones. We've only done this twice. The first time I was SO worried and he didn't even make a sound. The second time I was able to relax much more and enjoy it knowing that since he was ok the first time he would more than likely be ok the second time.
  9. Morning time is our FAVORITE time of the day (at least for me)... We wake up about 8/8:30am and he's ready to eat. After he eats then it's time to PLAY! We have been having conversations with each other for weeks now... we laugh, talk, babble, coo and sing together. Then little g goes back to sleep at 9:30/10am. I love, love, love the full laughs where I can see his gums and his whole belly rolls like jelly.
  10. Our schedule is now... 
8/8:30am: Wake-up/Eat/Playtime
9:30/10am: Naptime
11:30am: Wake-up
12pm: Eat
12:30pm: Sleep
3pm: Eat
3:30pm: Sleep
5:00pm: Wake-up/Playtime
6:30pm: Playtime
8:00pm: Sleep
9/9:30pm: Bathtime/Eat/Night-nite Time
3:30am/4am: Eat (That's right... 6+ hours!!)
8/8:30am: Wake-up/Eat/Playtime

We simply can't wait to see what this month holds for our little one...