Wednesday, September 23, 2009

29 Weeks -- 11 More To Go!!!

Graham Alden is now the weight of a Butternut Squash... pick one up at your local Grocery Store and check it out.

We had another appointment with our midwife, Monday. Everything looks great; normal strong heartbeat, good blood pressure, perfect fundal height, etc. You may not believe me when I say I'm gaining weight but you can believe it's true when the midwife asks how much I weigh this month and the next comment out of her mouth is that I've had a "growth spurt". HAHA... I've gained 8 pounds this month ALONE... wow... total weight gained during pregnancy 18 pounds. I'm hoping to stick with my initial goal of only gaining 25 pounds but its not like I'm counting the calories or anything.

DUM...DUM...DUM... also at this check up they took my blood for the Glucose Challenge Test. It turns out that my blood sugar level was 150 and they said that they want pregnant women in the 120's. I had to go back today, Wednesday, for a clearer test. Last night, after midnight I couldn't eat or drink ANYTHING, which is really hard because I get so thirsty at night. Last night I actually had a horrible heartburn breakout and ended up sleeping upright. Anyways, so I had to be at the birthing center at 9am and then drew my blood and I had to drink a Lemon-Lime 100% Gluclose Drink and then I had to wait around for my blood to be drawn each hour for 4 hours. Yes, I have 4 needle sticks in my arms... ouchie. Luckily, my sister was there to keep my company for those four hours... the time really went by quickly. The drink isn't all that bad... it tastes like a melted popsicle and makes you really thirsty -- but no water! So, I'll repost tomorrow the results... if I have Gestational Diabetes or not. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Also, on Monday, Graham and I picked up our custom bedding at Ooh Baby in Allen. It is adorable and so much better than I anticipated. I just love Ooh Baby and the staff is always so friendly. I'll post some photos of it soon.

A lot is coming up... my mom and sister are coming over to stencil the play loft area and tape off his room. Then my dad and Lynda are coming to paint both rooms. Then Little Graham's furniture will come in and then our co-ed shower is in less than one month. Wow -- time is flying by.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

No One Asked Our Opinions!

Hi there, Cooper here, Graham & Sara's oldest son! Baylee, my little sister, and I were just talking about how weird things have been lately. Recently, they've been accruing all of this stuff in the front bedroom and the closet is almost full.  Baylees' not too happy about it either, since that's HER room. Also, they've been cleaning like crazy. I finally get the carpet just the way I like it... nice and dog-smelling... and they mess everything up with something called a steam cleaner (thanks Uncle Matt for bringing that over). My mom sleeps a lot more lately, but we have been going on a lot more walks than normal, which is nice. Oh, don't tell mom, but she's gaining some weight! Dad has been pointing at mom's stomach and saying "Baylee" -- it's the weirdest thing... I swear they are saying "Baby" but Baylee doesn't want to believe me.... and they call me chubby!

But... if this 'baby' thing is true... why didn't anyone ask us?! I personally liked being an only child and then about 4 years ago they had to go and bring Baylee home... so I don't think there's anymore room left for another puppy or baby! 

I guess it wouldn't be so bad, upon second thought. Maybe the new puppy (or baby) will be kinda funny and want to play with me all the time?! Maybe I can help him walk for the first time (but, I may get my hair pulled... so nevermind). 

Oh... mom's coming back... I'd better go... I'll keep you posted on any other weird details!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways....

In my last post I think I mentioned that I'm getting used to (and settled in) to being pregnant. But, I wanted to give everyone a realistic glance, if you will, of the actual pregnancy symptoms I'm currently experiencing. Enjoy the following list:

1. I can't breathe. Our little guy is so large I physically have to push him down to breathe sometimes - then it feels like my sides are going to explode.

2. I'm hungry all the time. I can't eat very much because everything is pushing my stomach up, so I get fuller faster but hungrier right after I feel full.

3. I'm not sleeping well at night. I think that I get my full 8 hours but if you know me... I need a lot more. I think this is actually a good side-effect though because, like I've been told, "it's preparing you for motherhood!"

4. I have heartburn, but only at night, right before bed.

5. I feel like I always have to pee. I swear that lowercase g has moved in a treadmill and is running laps on my bladder.

6. My stomach is getting ichy because my skin is stretching.

7. I feel like a BOAT.

8. The skin on my face is a little out-of-whack. Mainly just near my chin but I'm used to it only happening about once a month and now out of no where there will be an attack.

9. I have sinus pressure now when it rains (or when it's sunny for that matter).

10. My boobs are huge, although not sore anymore - this just adds to the BOAT feeling.

11. New feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear are arising as our due date approaches.

12. Happiness, excitement and weird spurts of energy set in when I'm not feeling anxiety. (90% #12 + 10% #11).

13. My bellybutton has officially popped and I don't think it can get any larger, although my MOM seems to think otherwise. It's so gross!

14. Tendon's in my stomach hurt when I sleep, try to get dressed or put on my shoes (which is becoming more and more difficult -- don't even get me started on shaving). My hips also hurt as he is pushing them outward for preparation of labor (sarcastic: yay!).

15. And finally, I actually had to ROCK twice to get off the couch yesterday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alot's Been Going On Lately...

I have entered the THIRD TRIMESTER and our little guy is now shares the weight of a Chinese Cabbage at 2 1/4 POUNDS! It's amazing to think I am carrying around something that doesn't weight ounces anymore... this time is going by fast now, just like everyone says.

I attended my first La Leche League meeting the other day. It was actually a little weird for me. I say this because the group is so new and I expected to learn something, but I felt I could have taught the class. I think the root of the problem (not that it's a problem) is that my mom purchased "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" for me BEFORE we were even pregnant and I've read it now twice. I am SO committed to Breastfeeding, I refuse to be conquered because of my lack-of-knowledge. Also, I thought the classes were for newborns and younger children but the instructor had her 4-year-old son in attendance and he was very disruptive. Luckily, there's another LLL class in my area, so I'm going to attend this one also so that I can decide what the best option for lowercase g and me is.
Graham and I attended our first Bradley Class with Natural Beginnings in Richardson. I was actually nervous about attending this class but also excited to be educated about the process of labor. The Bradley Method is also called the "Husband Coached Childbirth" so the class is really for Graham because I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget anything I've learned while in the thick of labor. Bradley is also the opposite of Lamaze; Lamaze teaches you to focus on quick repetitive breathing and Bradley teaches you to use deep-breathing and relaxing techniques to get you through contractions. So, the class is six-weeks and we didn't get to attend the first class but we can make it up. But, we really enjoyed it! Right now we are trying to work on relaxing together. Graham and I DO love on each other (such as hugging and cuddling) but Bradley suggests that the husband constantly stay in contact with their wives and feel out any tension during labor. This was hard for us to do because Graham and I wrestle and play together so much... in relaxation, I thought he was going to hurt me by using a pressure point or sticking his fingers in my ribs. He didn't, so it will take us a little while to get where I can relax WHILE Graham is touching me.

I also had to go see my midwife yesterday, unexpectedly. I came down with a UTI and they are concerned that I am going to in pre-term labor (I guess some women can't tell the difference between labor and a bladder infection?!). It's scary thinking that pre-term labor is a distinct possibility for us now (because of how many weeks we are) but it's also reassuring to know that little g will be with us whenever he is ready. I'm also a little comforted in knowing that if our little one was to join us early he most likely will be O.K. The hardest part would be leaving him in the NICU. But, on to some positive thoughts!

Our first shower is coming up very quickly and we're SO excited. We can't wait to see everyone and celebrate with them!!! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

26 Weeks | 98 Days!

Graham Alden is now the length of an English Cucumber! Wow -- he's really growing now. 
Recently, our friend Sybil gave us her stethascope to better hear our little one but, it's so quite we don't typically hear him as well as we'd hoped. He's starting to move a lot more now when I get hungry (I think it's because he can hear my tummy growling).

We've also recently found out that our two friends, Pat & Veronica (which are due on ALMOST the same date) and Nina & Jason are BOTH having stinky-inky girls. Congratulations guys! Our little one will have his hands full with both Gabriella and Kaily.

I thought it was interesting to find out that this week Graham's ears are so sensitive that he can hear conversations between other people and myself. Thank Goodness -- I'm sure for a while there he thought I was crazy! Haha...

Finally, upon receiving the 26 week e-newsletter, I thought this comic was hilarious for how I am feeling right now.