Friday, September 18, 2009

No One Asked Our Opinions!

Hi there, Cooper here, Graham & Sara's oldest son! Baylee, my little sister, and I were just talking about how weird things have been lately. Recently, they've been accruing all of this stuff in the front bedroom and the closet is almost full.  Baylees' not too happy about it either, since that's HER room. Also, they've been cleaning like crazy. I finally get the carpet just the way I like it... nice and dog-smelling... and they mess everything up with something called a steam cleaner (thanks Uncle Matt for bringing that over). My mom sleeps a lot more lately, but we have been going on a lot more walks than normal, which is nice. Oh, don't tell mom, but she's gaining some weight! Dad has been pointing at mom's stomach and saying "Baylee" -- it's the weirdest thing... I swear they are saying "Baby" but Baylee doesn't want to believe me.... and they call me chubby!

But... if this 'baby' thing is true... why didn't anyone ask us?! I personally liked being an only child and then about 4 years ago they had to go and bring Baylee home... so I don't think there's anymore room left for another puppy or baby! 

I guess it wouldn't be so bad, upon second thought. Maybe the new puppy (or baby) will be kinda funny and want to play with me all the time?! Maybe I can help him walk for the first time (but, I may get my hair pulled... so nevermind). 

Oh... mom's coming back... I'd better go... I'll keep you posted on any other weird details!

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