Wednesday, September 23, 2009

29 Weeks -- 11 More To Go!!!

Graham Alden is now the weight of a Butternut Squash... pick one up at your local Grocery Store and check it out.

We had another appointment with our midwife, Monday. Everything looks great; normal strong heartbeat, good blood pressure, perfect fundal height, etc. You may not believe me when I say I'm gaining weight but you can believe it's true when the midwife asks how much I weigh this month and the next comment out of her mouth is that I've had a "growth spurt". HAHA... I've gained 8 pounds this month ALONE... wow... total weight gained during pregnancy 18 pounds. I'm hoping to stick with my initial goal of only gaining 25 pounds but its not like I'm counting the calories or anything.

DUM...DUM...DUM... also at this check up they took my blood for the Glucose Challenge Test. It turns out that my blood sugar level was 150 and they said that they want pregnant women in the 120's. I had to go back today, Wednesday, for a clearer test. Last night, after midnight I couldn't eat or drink ANYTHING, which is really hard because I get so thirsty at night. Last night I actually had a horrible heartburn breakout and ended up sleeping upright. Anyways, so I had to be at the birthing center at 9am and then drew my blood and I had to drink a Lemon-Lime 100% Gluclose Drink and then I had to wait around for my blood to be drawn each hour for 4 hours. Yes, I have 4 needle sticks in my arms... ouchie. Luckily, my sister was there to keep my company for those four hours... the time really went by quickly. The drink isn't all that bad... it tastes like a melted popsicle and makes you really thirsty -- but no water! So, I'll repost tomorrow the results... if I have Gestational Diabetes or not. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Also, on Monday, Graham and I picked up our custom bedding at Ooh Baby in Allen. It is adorable and so much better than I anticipated. I just love Ooh Baby and the staff is always so friendly. I'll post some photos of it soon.

A lot is coming up... my mom and sister are coming over to stencil the play loft area and tape off his room. Then my dad and Lynda are coming to paint both rooms. Then Little Graham's furniture will come in and then our co-ed shower is in less than one month. Wow -- time is flying by.

Happy Fall Everyone!

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