Tuesday, September 1, 2009

26 Weeks | 98 Days!

Graham Alden is now the length of an English Cucumber! Wow -- he's really growing now. 
Recently, our friend Sybil gave us her stethascope to better hear our little one but, it's so quite we don't typically hear him as well as we'd hoped. He's starting to move a lot more now when I get hungry (I think it's because he can hear my tummy growling).

We've also recently found out that our two friends, Pat & Veronica (which are due on ALMOST the same date) and Nina & Jason are BOTH having stinky-inky girls. Congratulations guys! Our little one will have his hands full with both Gabriella and Kaily.

I thought it was interesting to find out that this week Graham's ears are so sensitive that he can hear conversations between other people and myself. Thank Goodness -- I'm sure for a while there he thought I was crazy! Haha...

Finally, upon receiving the 26 week e-newsletter, I thought this comic was hilarious for how I am feeling right now.

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