Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways....

In my last post I think I mentioned that I'm getting used to (and settled in) to being pregnant. But, I wanted to give everyone a realistic glance, if you will, of the actual pregnancy symptoms I'm currently experiencing. Enjoy the following list:

1. I can't breathe. Our little guy is so large I physically have to push him down to breathe sometimes - then it feels like my sides are going to explode.

2. I'm hungry all the time. I can't eat very much because everything is pushing my stomach up, so I get fuller faster but hungrier right after I feel full.

3. I'm not sleeping well at night. I think that I get my full 8 hours but if you know me... I need a lot more. I think this is actually a good side-effect though because, like I've been told, "it's preparing you for motherhood!"

4. I have heartburn, but only at night, right before bed.

5. I feel like I always have to pee. I swear that lowercase g has moved in a treadmill and is running laps on my bladder.

6. My stomach is getting ichy because my skin is stretching.

7. I feel like a BOAT.

8. The skin on my face is a little out-of-whack. Mainly just near my chin but I'm used to it only happening about once a month and now out of no where there will be an attack.

9. I have sinus pressure now when it rains (or when it's sunny for that matter).

10. My boobs are huge, although not sore anymore - this just adds to the BOAT feeling.

11. New feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear are arising as our due date approaches.

12. Happiness, excitement and weird spurts of energy set in when I'm not feeling anxiety. (90% #12 + 10% #11).

13. My bellybutton has officially popped and I don't think it can get any larger, although my MOM seems to think otherwise. It's so gross!

14. Tendon's in my stomach hurt when I sleep, try to get dressed or put on my shoes (which is becoming more and more difficult -- don't even get me started on shaving). My hips also hurt as he is pushing them outward for preparation of labor (sarcastic: yay!).

15. And finally, I actually had to ROCK twice to get off the couch yesterday.

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