Thursday, October 8, 2009

There's An Interactive Doll Inside of Me!

Recently Graham and I visited which is the coolest website to Belly Map and find out where you baby is located (like our midwife does). Once again, we have to do this because we don't get to see our little guy each appointment via sonogram. So, we found out that he is Left Occiput Anterior... which is exactly where he is suppose to be right now. Granted that he could turn and move more because I am told that he won't move in to his permanent position until about 33-34 weeks. Let's cross our fingers and hope that he stays where he is!!

Now that we know where lowercase g is located, I know that when I feel a huge buldge coming from my left side near my lungs, it's his hiney!!  Graham taps on the emerging bulge and says "I'm spanking your butt"... haha; such a goof. The biggest surprise is when I rub on the left side of my belly this now wakes him up and he starts kicking on the right side near my lungs. It kinda makes him cranky but it's SO neat knowing that he reacts to my rubbing and is interactive now!!! 

We have been working hard on getting his room finished before company comes to see it next weekend for our post co-ed shower party (and for Nina coming in town). We have it painted and the furniture comes in next Wednesday and we have to go get it in Flower Mound. We still have to paint the clouds on his ceiling, which I'm a little nervous to do, and get in the cloud light that I ordered off Ebay. The playroom is coming along nicely too... I'll post photos soon... I promise!

Finally, I took my private in-studio photos yesterday with Natali! They were SO much fun and I will post these the link once I receive it from her. I know I'm doing them a little early BUT I didn't want to risk getting stretch marks or being tired (which hasn't caught back up to me yet) or take the risk of feeling any less beautiful because I'm gaining so much weight. Graham and I take our maternity photos together at the State Fair on Monday. Let's cross our fingers that it doesn't rain.

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