Tuesday, October 27, 2009


YAY... we had our 4D "sono-graham" today!!  We loved seeing our little guy and we think that Little Graham has a lot of both of us in his face.

Like his mommy, Little Graham's face is perfectly split in half....
From half of his nose up to his forehead: Graham (Daddy)
From half of his nose down to his chin: Sara (Mommy)

It's amazing to me because this is exactly how I am with my parents. From my nose up, I look like my Dad. From my nose down, I look exactly like my Mom.

I love how Little Graham has Graham's beady eyes, cro-magnon and forehead.
I love how he has my detailed upper lip and round chin AND chubby cheeks.

It was so nice to see him -- it's been since 18 weeks!!!  We can't wait to meet him in person.

To watch the videos, simply click on these links:

You can see his face -- the cord is in front of it.

Sono-Graham Part II
Face again

Sono-Graham Part III
Face with lots of movement -- he opens his hand and you can see his whole arm.

Sono-Graham Part IV
Face with him sucking on his arm... I don't know if he's found his hand yet. 

Sono-Graham Part V
Little Grahams foot -- who's toes does he have? We think he has a slightly longer second toe than his big toe... but NOT as long as his mommy's. 

Enjoy! We can't wait for him to meet all of you.

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