Tuesday, October 13, 2009

32 Week Update!

Wow... we are almost at 50 day's left. I remember when we were excited about 100 days left. I can't believe he'll be here in almost 2 months. Wondering what vegetable our baby is most-closely weighted towards (pictured above)? It's a Large Jicama... what ever that is?!

Today we had another appointment with our midwife, Cherie. Everything sounds great and he is a big guy. I have officially gained 20 pounds for a total of 150, as of today. It's amazing how exhausted I get carrying around this extra weight. Today I talked to Cherie about going in to labor at 37 weeks (which is technically "full-term" and would not be an emergency). Our concern is that the birthing center is going off our originally due date of December 16th -- but we are going off our first-trimester screening measurement of December 8th. This means that if we go in to labor at OUR 37 weeks (from the Dec 8th due date) we could be considered "early" since by the birthing centers date we would only be 36 weeks. But, our midwife assured me that they would have me come in and they have some tests that they could do to determine if it is actually "pre-term" labor or if he is just a little early, but still full term at 37 weeks. This makes me feel much better knowing that if this happens they won't just automatically send us to the hospital.

We had our together maternity photos at the Texas State Fair yesterday. We really had a great time with Natali and the ONE PHOTO she did show us we loved. I can't wait to see more of them... but Natali wants to make sure they are perfect. If you are coming to Graham's shower this weekend, then we will have them to show you then.

Everyone keeps asking me why I would want to take our maternity photos at the State Fair and the main reason is that I have such special memories of attending ALMOST every year of my life with my mom. I loved waking up early, getting breakfast together, getting there before the park opens, walking around all of the exhibits, having a picnic lunch and riding the Scrambler with my mom. I can't wait to share these special memories with Little Graham! But, other reasons include that it is typical "Dallas" -- the city we love so much and that they were so fun and different than boring 'in-studio together' maternity photos.

We've almost finished his room! The walls are painted, the ceiling is complete with painted clouds and an awesome cloud light from Ikea, the dimmer switch is installed. His furniture comes in tomorrow but we'll pick it up on Thursday. My dad is sewing our curtains from our perfect-green matching fabric we found for a steal at Ikea. We just steamed cleaned his carpet yesterday. So, everything is ready to set up when we get his furniture on Thursday! I will post pictures PRONTO... I promise because I am so excited to show you.

I'm losing sleep because this weekend is Graham's co-ed shower and Nina is coming in town all the way from California to celebrate with us. We can't wait to see everyone!! 

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