Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneek Peak of Maternity Photos!

So, Natali was gracious enough to send me a few maternity photos from the State Fair... as a sneek peak for all of you! I've seen a few more than what I'm posting but they will all be uploaded on Friday and I will post the link with the password then. We're doing two seperate galleries, one will be for the public to view (which I'll post on Friday) and one will be for my girls-only crowd - which I'll share privately with everyone at my girls-only shower.

We have had such a great week and I love being pregnant this week... what a change from 20 weeks ago... when I couldn't stand it!!

His furniture is here and Sybil and I put together his crib and were very successful!!  Graham and I are putting together the rest of his room tonight and will post finished pictures soon.

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