Friday, October 23, 2009

My *AWESOME* Win!!

So, last night I attended the Metroplex Baby Best & Hottest Products Event. This event is for DFW mom's to go and check out products before they are released to the general product (some product have already been released). The cost to attend is $65.00 for VIP in which you get more items in your gift-bag, you get in earlier (to check out the items) and you get the choose your numbers first.

So, they let us in at 6pm (on the dot -- the doors were literally locked until then). We (Dena and me) check in and get a VIP name tag. Then we go and check out the goods. They have some really great things, but we were already pretty familiar with the products because you can view them on their website here. Then, we wait for about 45 minutes, until the other mom's are let in to the event.

At about 6:45pm they let us know how we will be picking our order. OH, in order to go and pick a featured item, you get a number from 1-105 and that is your choosing order. So, they say that they will release us by table to go and pick a ballon. Once we pick a ballon we have to WAIT to open it... we go and get dinner that was provided. Once everyone is through the food lines we get to open the package that is holding down the balloons. Inside there is 4 different mini candy bars with numbers on them. They spin a wheel and what ever picture the wheel lands on is your number. The wheel stopped on a Special Dark Candy Bar and I was number 22 -- WHICH IS AWESOME (because it's out of 105).

So, then they take mom's up to pick their items in fives. I had previously made a list of the items we'd wanted but I was sure because I was number 22, my number one item, a Britax Infant Car Seat would be taken. Sooner than I know it, it's my turn!!!  I go up with 5 other women and the woman in front of me is pregnant too and the car seat is still there, so I'm pretty convinced that she's going to snag it... but NO... she goes for the baby monitor!?!?!?  My number is up... I walk over to the Britax Infant Car Seat and ask if it's been taken and....


We officially have a car seat now... and can stop worrying about it. I also got some great things in my grab bag, so over all it was totally worth $65.00. Our car seat is the Britax Infant Chaperone Carrier and normally retails for $229.99. It is one of the best car seats in the market (the only reason we didn't register for it to begin with was the price). We are SO excited... now we just have to figure out how to install it but Graham is going to take it up to the station one day because they have an officer reserved for checking these things out.

Here are some additional photos from the evening:

My friends - Dena & Stephanie at the event with what they choose!

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