Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A First: We LAUGHED!

Yesterday evening I left Daddy and Little Graham at home while I attended an AACWP meeting. My heart is always broken anytime I am away from my guys. When I got back home we brought Graham in to our room and were just hanging out at a family. We took his feet out side of his onesie and were tickling him when he let out a huge laugh! It was a total open mouth, belly roll, see-all-of-my-gums type of chuckle! So adorable...

Then when I woke up this morning Little Graham was already awake and was grunting to let me know it. When I got up and he focused on me... he gave me the largest, "there you are mommy" face... like he was so excited that I was up and that it was play-time.

For more updates, our schedule is starting to settle in at night. He is awake from about 4-6ish and then eats again at 9pm. Then he sleeps for about 5 hours straight, nurses at 2am, sleeps until 6am, nurses again, then wakes up at 9am. When he wakes up at 9am, he's normally not hungry until 10am... so we get to PLAY. This is my favorite part of the day. I wake up ... I pick up Little Graham from his bassinet and he's so happy and energized. We sing, tickle and babble at each other. It's so much fun!

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