Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Movement & Other General Ramblings...

Oh my dearest Graham... I'm glad that everyone else finds his stories so amusing (generally at my expense). But yes, we have officially felt our little guy move! My midwife said that it would be something that got my attention and make me sit up a little straighter, but it wasn't quite like that for me. It was more of... "I think that WASN'T gas". Haha... it was right under my belly button and it just felt like bubbles bursting or a flutter. That was about two weeks ago (time flies lately) and since them I can totally tell when the little guy moves now. Some times it feels like he's purposely punching or kicking me. But, I treasure it each time. It mainly happens at about 9am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm and then a lot in the evening. I can't wait to feel him have the hiccups... when does that happen?!

Other than that things have been good. I'm totally not sleepy anymore and I'm getting tons accomplished. My back and the back of my hips used to kill me but with great stretching techniques from my Prenatal Yoga instructor, those have passed. I'm having trouble sleeping now (which makes me want to cry) because I'm not used to sleeping on my sides and so I'll wake up in the middle of the night with either my hips or ears throbbing. It's horrible... and now there's this awesomeness of feeling like I can't breathe. Just walking upstairs I get out of breath. It's kinda scary but it helps to drink ice-cold water and to take deep breaths.

I can't wait for this evening because Graham's Grandmom is flying in from Arkansas and she hasn't see us in a while! I wonder if she'll think we're huge or too little. I love those people that think we're SO huge we're having twins (I wish) and then there's the other people who say "I look more pregnant than you do and I'm not even pregnant". To those people, I just smile and say "You shouldn't talk about your self that way." It has been a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE blessing to take Prenatal Yoga classes because I can compare myself to the other women who are my exact size and my exact weeks along... (note to self: you are normal! Whew).

Then tomorrow Grandmom, Graham's mom and I are going to order the custom baby bedding shown on the blog below. We may change a few things because Graham would like to incorporate dots or circles in the fabric, as well.

Then next Tuesday we get to see my sister and niece and nephews and we haven't seen them since we told them we're expecting! I can't wait for everyone to see how big we've gotten (even though I know we still have a long way to go).

Until next time...

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