Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grahams Thoughts: Issue 3

It has been a while since I have written anything so I thought I would write a about a few more experiences. Sara has been saying she can feel him moving and she gets so excited. The other day day when he was awake and practicing his UFC moves on her uterus I put my hand on her tummy and ZZAAAPPPP!!! I swear it felt like someone shocked my finger. I think it was actually my excitement radiating into the tip of my finger as he pushed right on my finger. I yelled....I scared Sara...and then I ran around in circles. I guess it really helped bring it into reality. We laughed very hard about me scaring her and I tried to explain what I felt but she was still startled. I have felt him move a couple times since then and it is so freakin cool. Sometimes I get excited about feeling movement...and come to find out...its GAS...WHO KNEW???!! and WHY doesn't the freaking book I am reading tell me anything about the Butt Trumpet...hehe its not that bad!
I just can not wait till he is here. I know I know...everyone says enjoy these last couple of quiet months but I am ready for him to get here.

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