Saturday, July 18, 2009

Product Review: "Waiting for Baby: A Pregnancy Memory Album"

As soon as I found out we were pregnant (the next day... with Sybil) I went to my closest Barnes and Noble and bought two books. The first one was, of course, "What to Expect When Expecting" the second was "Waiting for Baby, A Pregnancy Memory Album". I really wanted to purchase an album that was beautiful, would stand the test of time and that would have preemptive questions that we could answer about different things. At Barnes & Noble I stood there contemplating my decision on which Memory Album to buy. The other ones looked flimsy but the Waiting for Baby Album was beautiful and a little expensive at $19.99. I was, however, a little unsure of the questions it would as me because it had wrapping around it, so I couldn't look though it before purchasing. Never the less, I took my two books home with me that day!

The Waiting for Baby Album is actually really beautiful. I am very happy with the cover however I did expect the paper area around the yellow cloth to be removable but it's not. Also, the bind on the book will stand the test of time.

While I think that the book and the longevity are great I do have a few issues. First, the preemptive questions are pretty great the contents are seperated in to:
1. Mother-to-be
2. Important matters
3. Body and mind
4. Preparations
5. Journal
6. Sentiments
7. Celebrations
8. Birth Story
9. The first days

However... the space to reply to the suggested topics is very small. Four lines on each topic isn't much, at least not for me. Second, in the first chapter it asks questions on family and provides a tree but I wish they would have provided a "Father-to-be" section as well; there is no room for my husbands family or for my husband to fill out any of the questions. I wanted the book to be about our pregnancy and it isn't... it's about my pregnancy and my family, how I'm feeling, what I'm nervous about. I'm trying to include Graham and his family in as much as possible but with only four lines, its difficult.

Overall Product Rating: B+
I would still suggest it to a friend, if she wasn't a large writer or one that would write a lot; one that would want the Album to be just about herself during this time.

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