Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on 4th Month

This month has already been a little rough on us... little g was sick for the first time! Graham and I decided to go out for sushi for my birthday with a few friends, while we were getting ready little graham became cranky but nothing out of the ordinary. We also took a hike this day, so we assumed that he was exhausted and needed to sleep. We brought him over to his Uncle Matt & Aunt Cheri's house and went on our way. When we returned to pick him up they told us about a cough and that he hadn't slept much... thinking it was no big deal we headed home. I nursed as soon as we got home and we swaddled our little guy... while he was eating he stopped and coughed this horrible sounding cough and SCREAMED! It was horrible... this went on throughout the entire feeding so we gave him our doctor recommended dosage of Maloxx and baby Benedryl. Eventually he finally stopped coughing and fell asleep. He woke up every 3 hours that night and I realized he had a slight fever. We called his doctor in the morning and they requested we come in for a sick-visit. The doctor saw him and heard some wheezing in his lungs and said that we would try a round of breathing treatment in his office to see if that would fix the sound. After 10 minutes of the nebulizer, the doc came back in a said that helped tremendously. I was happy... the doctor was concerned. He said that he would send us home with a breathing machine and we would have to do it 3 times a day for four days. He said that this is important because babies can actually die from suffocation from their airways being inflamed.

So, for the past four days we've been on the treatment and using the cough concoction at night. He's JUST starting to feel better... the mucus is loosening and he can cough it up now... it's still horrible though. At least he's getting back to his old self again.

At the same time little g was sick, Big G got sick too... and stayed home one day. No fun at the Quattlebaum house!

Before both of my guys were sick, we went to the pedi on the 8th for his four-month checkup. He received two more vaccines... the Rotavirus and DTAP. Not too bad again since he was able to drink one. His NEW statistics are:

Weight: 16 lbs.
Height: 26 1/2in... WOWOW
Head Circumference: 42.5cm

He's actually in the 90th percentile now for his weight and height and his head is still perfectly the 50% percentile. He really looks longer than ever and we can't believe how big he's gotten.

Oh, and I forgot to post a new schedule. This is what our day's look like now:

7:15am - Eat
7:30am - Play
8:30am - Morning Nap
9:30am - Eat
9:45am - Play -- 2 hours
11:30am - Nap
12:30pm - Eat
12:45pm - Play -- 2-3 hours
2:45pm - Nap
3:30pm - Eat
3:45pm - Daddy Comes Home & Little g eats vegetables (we're working on squash)!
4:00pm -Nap
5:00pm - Play
6:30pm - Eat & Play
8:00pm - Rice Cereal Time, Bath, Massage, Eat
9:00pm - Bed
3:00am - Eat & Back to Bed (YES, YES... little g wakes up once a night now!)

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  1. Wow! Sorry to hear about the illness. When did you start on the rice cereal and vegetables?