Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dad's Randomness

So this post is ridiculously over due and I am sorry for the delay! Normally I try to be funny during these posts but this one is gonna be borderline serious.
Being a parent is exhilarating but exhausting! I remember people constantly telling me before Graham was born that as soon as I saw him, a switch would click inside of me and I would never be the same. Little did I know how powerful and life changing the little guy would be. I just put him to bed for the night and I already miss him! He slipped in the bath(because for some reason he HAS to stand up in the tub) and he busted his lip and I wanted nothing more than to take that pain from him. I feel truly blessed to have him, Sara, and our families in my life. He is growing up around such wonderful people and I just wanted y'all to know I appreciate you all.

Sara is such a wonderful mother. She has a way with Graham and you can see that he just melts in her arms. She is so patient and loving. She even shares with him(which is a major feat). He is so lucky to her as a mom. I still feel so lucky that she chose me to be her husband and the father of her child. Thank you Sara for being so wonderful to both of your boys. We both love you so

Family...no words can describe how much we appreciate y'all. I am actually overloaded right now with everything I want to say...so its gonna come out all lumped together. Thank y'all for being excellent role models, amazing grandparents, our best friends, and most of all great examples for Graham. I could type a novel about how much Sara,Graham, and I love each one of you. I am so excited for the years to come and how much he will learn from each of you.

So I guess it finally happened. Sara and I finally grew up(well...I kinda did!). No more hangovers that last all day. No more staying out till 4 am, stopping at waffle house on our way home, and hanging w/ some cross dressers. No more Jagermeister and red bull shots or Irish car bombs. No more puking out the car window because of all the bumps on the way home(Sara!!). No more naked Stan phenomenon (don't ask) or late night secret missions with Shannon in the new neighborhood. No more convincing Steven to noodle in the stump below my parents dock... And you know what...I am 154% fine with that. I had a blast and I survived with the help of all of y'all. I love the direction of our lives and just being with my little family.

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