Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our 4th Midwife Appointment

Little Graham is the size of a Rutabega this week! WOW -- he's getting big.

Today we had our fourth appointment at The Birth & Woman's Center. This time we were able to meet with Cherie, which was a great opportunity. At the BWC there is, luckly, two midwives. Throughout our pregnancy, at our appointments, we will have either met with Cherie or Carol and we normally meet with Carol, so today was a treat. We would be happy with either Midwife during labor though, as they are both patient and as excited about our pregnancy as we are (and I'm sure it gets exhausting acting excited to EACH pregnant couple that comes in).

During the appointment they measured our little guy and determined he is exactly where he needs to be. They took the normal blood pressure test and we got to hear his strong heartbeat with the Doppler. The heartbeat part is always mine and Graham's favorite because it is the equal to us seeing him on a sonogram (we don't get to see him again until he has arrived, unless there is a problem). Then we sat and talked with Cherie. I asked questions about ticks (since I got one during camping) and she made a note but advised us not to worry because Lyme disease can only be transmitted if the tick is attached to your skin for over a week!! WHO KNEW?! Then we asked her about another recommendation for a Bradley class that was in Fort Worth because the one they advise is all the way in Dallas. Finally we chatted with her about using a Doula (or Birth Assistant) and she calmed our fears that if Graham and I are knowledgeable about birth and labor that Graham will make a great labor coach for me! Plus, I will be surrounded by my mom, my sister, Graham's mom, my sister-in-law and my best friend Sybil --- which four out of five have already been through this process... so they are sure to be experts!

Finally, we discovered that the next appointment is in one month and then after that we will need to go back to see the Midwife twice a month... where did the time go?! It seems like just yesterday we were setting up all of the appointment dates and I was thinking, "It's going to take forever until we have to come up here twice a month." Before the next appointment I have to drink this horrible looking orange glucose drink. I'll let you know how that goes... it's never good if the Midwife says, "I've heard it's better if you refrigerate it."

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  1. I have to do my glucose test next time too. Luckily my midwife let me choose between two tests, and I chose the one where I don't have to drink the orange stuff! I have to stop by early in the am, let her take blood, go eat and then come back a couple hours later for a second blood test. It is a bit more involved and requires two needle sticks, but I didn't want to drink the orange stuff! Let me know how that goes, LOL!