Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sybil + Baby Movement

So, Graham and I have been feeling our little one move for a while now (See "Baby Movement" post below) but I can't ever get him to move around other people. It seems as though he mostly moves after 8pm; but before that its just random movement though out the day. We've even waited at Graham's parents house for over an hour trying to get him to move (by Graham talking to him and thumping him) but NO MOVEMENT. But as soon as Graham and I are at home on the couch he is flipping and kicking so hard!! HOWEVER, on Thursday we watched my BFF Sybil graduate from Nursing School and after wards we went out to Dave & Busters. At 9pm he really started moving around but his movements were still a little random. I told Sybil he was moving and she came over to me to try to feel him. After about a minute he kicked her hand. I felt relieved that someone else (other than Graham and I) finally got to experience the abuse I've been feeling for weeks now!!! HAHA. Sybil was amazed at the feeling and we're so excited that he's finally introduced himself to someone new.

This is a picture of me at Dave & Busters trying to show off my bump. It's a lot bigger than it looks in this picture:

Also, some stranger in public finally noticed my bump too! I've been waiting and waiting and I've been in this stage where people can't tell if I just have some chub around my mid-section or if it's a baby. Nevertheless, I was ordering food at Panera Bread, getting ready for a meeting with my friend Natali, and the server asked me if I was expecting! I was so shocked... I almost shouted YES. Ever since then people have been asking all the time; I must have grown a lot over night?!

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