Thursday, November 12, 2009

And The Problem Is....

So, we were recently referred to a sonogram technician at a local doctors office because our little guy hadn't grown in two weeks (fundal height 31 two weeks ago... fundal height 31 now).

Today we went to the office to get a sonogram and learned that the problem is that Little Graham is Transverse Lie. You can read all about it here, at

The good news is that he is fine, growing leaps and bounds. Our midwife was measuring us vertically and he's growing horizontally, like the photo above. He has all of his body parts -- kidneys, great looking heart, lungs, liver... etc. His head is shaped like Grahams -- big and round, instead of like mine, long and slender. In a third trimester sonogram some items can be measured and be a big off but the measurements we were given are:

He's measuring at 37 weeks (+/- 2 weeks because 3rd trimester)
His weight is 6.5 lbs (+/- 1 lbs. because 3rd trimester)

So... all of that is good news.

The bad news is that the above website states that it is easier to turn a breech baby than a transverse lie baby in the third trimester. This is because the uterus can actually turn and make it harder for him to turn head down.

So, what does all of this mean? Although there are plenty of things we are going to try to do to get him to turn head down... all in all if he is still transverse lie he will not be able to be born vaginally, as originally hoped. Also, since he is transverse lie he isn't putting pressure on my placenta, which should begin to soften and which makes us go in to labor, so we may need to be induced.

However, as long as we have a happy, healthy baby we truly don't care how he comes!


  1. You should look into going to my chiropractor. Teresha used her as well. She is licensed in the Webster technique which is very successful in turning breech babies. It is covered by insurance, so you only have to pay a co-pay. I LOVE her!

    Here is a link to her website, specifically the page on chiropractic and pregnancy -

    I have also heard of people having success through acupuncture. If you look at the referral sheet from Linda's class, there is an acupuncturist that she recommends on there. It is worth a shot!

    I hope that Baby Graham turns for you guys, but most importantly that he arrives safely! Keep us updated!

  2. I second that recommendation! Dr. Durkee is awesome!