Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time this Halloween at our friends Jinna & Dougs house. Halloween every year is a HUGE deal for us... and those that know me, know that I plan for this holiday before the current Halloween is even finished.

This year we handed out candy to all of the adorable trick-or-treaters at our new home and it was actually the first year for Graham and I to do this together! Afterwards, Sybil & Tim came over and we headed to see our adorable niece and nephew all dressed up. Then we headed out to The Danser's house and had a great time mingling and playing games all night. I tried to take a nap during the day, so that Graham could truly enjoy the last Halloween that will be like this... but when midnight rolled around I was exhausted already. We stayed out until 1am and didn't even make it to a Waffle House (which is a tradition every Halloween). But overall, we had a great time and we can't wait for a completly different Halloween experience next year.

Here are our photos:


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  1. Super creative! I somehow lost track of your blog url in my blog roll! I have lots of catching up to do!