Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Room With A View...

Here are pictures, promised a while ago, of his room and the guest restroom (his bathroom, as well). Enjoy! We are really impressed on how well it actually turned out. Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making our dreams for his room a reality! We originally didn't want/or have a theme for his room but as soon as we found the cloud light we were hooked. From there we found the beautiful, retro-looking, hot air balloon mobile and wall decal.

Little Graham's crib and custom, organic bedding with hot air balloon
mobile and Uppercase Living wording that says "You are our dream come true"

His bookshelf... we ordered too much furniture so this had to fit in the corner.
Still organizing the items on the shelf.

His changing table/dresser with white letters that spell his name...
I loved these at Restoration Hardware because the letters have hooks on them,
which seem less 'girly' to me, but they were $15.00 per letter. We found these at Hobby
Lobby for $3.00 per letter! WOW!

One of my favorite aspects of his room... his cloud light on the ceiling from Ikea.
We paired this with a dimmer and I painted four clouds on the ceiling... completing the
"dream/sky" theme.

A great view of the wording/bedding/mobile. 

His Bathroom:

Our wishes for his restroom were that guests could also use it without feeling like they were in a baby's bathroom. I know this bathroom is fun and will grow with Little Graham and Hollis (our second child... haha). 

We found the cloth shower curtain, towels and rugs at Ikea (total maybe $25.00).
We then took these items in to Home Depot and bought the 2.5 oz. $2.00 paint in four matching colors. Once we got back home we used our nesting bowls (glass kitchen bowls)
and traced random groupings of circles on the walls.
We also added the Uppercase Living wording "Rub-a-Dub-Dub".
We love the way it turned out!