Friday, November 20, 2009

"Must Haves" Party

Last night I attended another Metroplex Baby & Kids party (like the "Best & Hottest" where we got our awesome car seat). This party was called "Must Haves - Products from Pregnancy to Infancy."

The cost for attending the party was $30.00 but unlike the Best & Hottest, we didn't get to preview the products that were available for us to win until we were already at the party. But, once we got there - Dena & I went together - we found out that they had tons of different items like a breast pump, highchair, booster seat, bouncer, play yard (larger items) and smaller items such as changing pads, wraps, journals, belly casts, baby food kits, clothes, etc.

We all got to go and pick our gift bags - which were filled with items such as night time diapers, leg socks, soaps and inside of the soaps was a number that predetermined which order you would get to choose your prize. Out of 53 mom's I was number 40 -- not too bad, considering I had such a great number last time.

They served us dinner - which wasn't that great - and then it was my turn to choose! There were two mom's in front of me still choosing but the three products I had my eyes on were - a baby food maker kit, a journal with timer for feedings/changing/etc, and a starter kit of flush able/reusable diapers! The two people in front of me choose two of my top choices.... leaving me with:

I looked online today and this starter kit usually retails for $26.99... so I got my money's worth. We haven't purchased any reusable diapers yet but we really wanted some -- so I'll give these a try. The starter kit comes with 2 cloth pants and 10 flushable refills. The colors of the cloth pants are orange and off white and they have lowercase "g"s on the butt -- personalized for my little g!! Haha... it certainly seems that way.

The cloth pants are super soft, so we're really hoping they work out. I think we are going to try out the 10 refills and then decide to purchase more or not. Their website says that in all parents will need about 4-6 pairs of each size (S,M,L) of cloth diapers to get them through to potty training and about 6,000 flush able refills. WOW -- but they are priced about the same as disposable diapers, so why not?! We'll let you know how they work out.

Here are more photos from last night:

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