Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2nd Midwife Appointment

16 weeks now: So, this was a pretty ‘normal’ appointment, as much as checkups are concerned. We came in and talked with our midwife, Carol. I was concerned about taking a prescription they prescribed me… so we discussed the pros and cons and it really made me feel better. She is so amazing and objective. Next, we discussed why I’m not gaining any weight. She asked for my meal calendar and we got in big trouble! The first thing she said was “where are your eggs?” We’re supposed to eat at least two eggs a day for the protein. Then we learned that just because I’m making “healthy” choices they may not be the “best” choices. I’m not getting enough protein, so I need to eat more things like… eggs, peanut butter (on anything and everything), Kashi cereal, cheeses. So, I’ll update you next appointment if there’s any change on the weight!

Then we listened to the baby’s heartbeat… it is such a beautiful sound. The first time we heard the heartbeat it was so fast and this time it was much slower and a little more ‘baby-like’. We recorded it on our phones for a good 30 seconds and I can’t stop listening to it. We heard some “wooshing” noises and the midwife said that’s the baby kicking. It was great.

Before the next appointment we should get to feel our baby move. I’m waiting and sometimes I think I may feel it but then I try to be realistic and think it may just be a muscle spasm or gas. I’ll let you know when I know!

On Monday we’re hoping to find out if it’s a boy or girl at our second first-trimester screening!!!!!

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