Sunday, June 14, 2009

Telling Our Lovies (aka Family)

We waited to tell our family until after the first trimester. I heard this was the safest method, just in case of miscarriage. Luckily we didn’t have any problems but I truly pray for everyone that has. I have broken down exactly how we told each of our family members. I hope it may be helpful for anyone who doesn’t quite know how to say “We’re Expecting”.

My Dad & His Wife: Two years ago Graham and I were out at an Estate Sale and found a beautiful antique book with an old looking paper cover… the title of the book, “To Young To Be A Grandfather.” It was a bargain at $2. I would have paid more for it because my Dad always says this and it was a perfect way to tell him. We’ve moved twice with it now and when it was time to tell him I taped the sonogram picture inside and wrote a special note to my Dad. I wrapped it in paper and we gave it to him. When he unwrapped it he simply stated “Oh, how funny… I always say this”… to our amazement he didn’t quite get what we were trying to say! I told him to open the book and he was in awe of the picture he saw. It was great!!

Graham’s Family: We found out after the Pre-Easter celebration that we have each year. However, we were pregnant during the family photo we took at the Pre-Easter celebration. So, we made a Shutterfly Photo Album ($40) of all of the photos that were taken during the Easter party. The last page in the album we titled “The Fabulous 10 Quattlebaum’s” but there were only 9 of us in the photo. Under the photo we named everyone with things like “Uncle & Aunt, Great-Grandmom” and then it said “Graham, Sara & Baby Bean”. The next photo, on the next page, was the sonogram picture. The first morning we were at our summer home in Hot Springs we gave the album to Graham’s mom. She read the names at the bottom and said… “Baby Bean?”… we then instructed her to turn the page and then she saw the sonogram picture!! Everyone was so excited and cried A LOT.

My Mom & Sister: We bought a sonogram photo frame ($15) at Babies R’Us that said “Love At First Sight”. After Hot Springs we decided to stay at my sister’s house for my nephews’ 6th birthday party the next day. When we woke up the next morning, my mom came over early to help set up and we had my nephew open his birthday gifts. We gave him the fun one first… and then he opened up the gift bag with a picture frame in it. He said “Oh WOW… I picture frame” I said, “Show it to everyone”. He did and everyone’s jaw hit the floor. Priceless!

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  1. You got so creative with telling your family in different personalized. Love it!