Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grahams Thoughts: Issue 1

Graham: I am so excited about Sara and I being pregnant. I have known for a long time that she would be a great mom and I think I’ll be a pretty good Dad. I am worried about things like what their curfew should be, how to keep them away from drugs, sex and the real devil…rock’n’roll. Those are silly things to worry about I know because they are many years away but I am not so worried about having an infant or toddler. I say this now but I really don’t like sleeping. At this moment I am excited about waking up and getting to hold or cuddle our little boy/girl. I am also super excited about having all those cool toys and another person to play soccer with me Matt and Reid..oh and Maggie.

I am also excited about seeing our dogs reactions. I think it will be very funny to watch how they are when we first come home. I think we made a very good decision on waiting this long to get pregnant. It allowed both of us to grow up a lot and experience more in order to be better parents. I really wish we didn’t have to wait another 25 WEEKS!!!

Another thing is that the prego brain is a REAL phenomenon. WoW. Some friends told me about it and I have read about it in several books but it is so weird to experience in real life! I will not use specific examples because I know that would only lead to more trouble for me so maybe after all this is over I will fill y'all in!

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