Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wait... did we miss something?!

Ok… ok… so, I’m already out of my first trimester and I thought that I would let everyone know what it was really like. No, it hasn’t been all smiles, glowy-ness and tons of energy; I was very, very nauseous ALL the time. I only actually got sick once, when I didn’t eat after taking my prenatals. But, overall if I kept eating… and eating… and eating, I didn’t feel sick. It’s a wonder the power of food. And the fact that I didn’t gain ANY weight during these infamous 3 months.

I was also tired 24/7. It was like narcolepsy. I thought that people were going to start to hate me because they’d be in mid-story and I’d just daze off (C’mon people, have shorter stories). If I didn’t get a nap each day I would be like crazy-psycho pregnant woman… not even knowing what I was truly saying. And that would be with 10 hours of sleep each night.

Lastly, I was a LITTLE emotional at times (Note: this is an opinion and if you ask Graham about my emotionalness and/or crazy-psycho-ness you may get a different answer). After moving in to our house, Graham was so exhausted after doing all of the heavy (and light) lifting and then he had to go back to work and I was left to decorate… ALL BY MYSELF. One day he came home from work and I was just sitting in the middle of the living room covered with decorations surrounding me and as he walked in I said, “You don’t even want this house!?”. He was like… “WHAT???”… I said, crying at this point, “I have to decorate and put together this entire house, by myself and if you wanted it you would decorate too.” He just stood there not quite knowing if I was kidding or serious… but he quickly gathered that since I was sobbing I wasn’t kidding. He consoled me and after about 15 minutes I snapped out of it and we laughed about how crazy I just was.

Now that all of this is behind us… we can forget all of this and move back to seeing me as glowing and energy-filled.

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  1. Enjoy the 2nd trimester (the honeymoon period). If you are like me, it was came back, no more nausea, hormones level out, I felt like Superwoman!